Thursday, May 04, 2006


Darfur, the US, and China

So while the US Deputy Secretary of State pushes for a peace deal between rebel forces and the Sudanese government in Darfur, I was wondering what the Chinese government was doing in order to facilitate an end to the genocide there. According to, both China and Russia blocked a UN Security Council resolution put forth by the UK and USA to impose economic sanctions on four individuals assessed to be interfering with peace efforts in Darfur.

Why would China and Russia want to undercut efforts to bring peace to Darfur by opposing these sanctions? The US and UK are trying to engage in active diplomacy that offers both carrots and sticks in order to end the genocide in Darfur. Did China or Russia send any high level diplomatic personnel to Abuja to take part in peace negotiations? Is China or Russia prepared to take any sort of punitive action to punish those who commit atrocities against humanity?

What is China doing to improve the situation in Sudan? From here it doesn't look like much.

If I'm wrong, I want someone to show me...Seriously.

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